The Best Aluminum SWIM Ladders and Boat ladders

Aqua-Stairs ® Quality and Affordable Dock Stairs and Boat Ladders

When you are looking for the best dock ladder designs in swim ladders, you’re going to want to look at Aqua-Stairs dock ladders and boat ladders. Our dock stairs are sloped ladders that are allow people —and dogs—to walk in and out of the water easily.  Customers consider these angled swim ladders the best dock accessory they have purchased!

Standard dock, pier, seawall, swim platform, and other swimming ladders tend to be designed vertically. That makes the act of getting in and out of the water much closer to climbing than walking. With our unique staircase design, you can walk in and out of the water instead of climbing. That isn’t the only change we’ve made either. While vertical steps are typically between two and three inches in depth—which can hurt your feet—our steps are approximately eight inches deep. This provides much more comfortable footing.

New Triangle
New Triangle Bracket

We are always looking for new ways to improve our stair-step style dock ladders to ensure our customers get the most out of our products. Whether we are offering multiple step options—from three steps to seven steps—attaching easy-to-use flip-out brackets or making sure the steps are wide and deep enough for you to sit on while in the water, you are going to love how our ladders are designed.

Why Climb Out of the Water when You can Walk Out?

Aqua-Stairs ladders were specifically designed to allow people with certain disabilities, handicaps, or physical limitations to enjoy the water again. Aqua-Stairs contribute to creating a safer waterfront for everybody. Whether you are using our ladder due to a disability or simply because you prefer an easier, better way to get into and out of the water, you are sure to be impressed with what our ladders have to offer.

All of our dock ladders ship with flip-out brackets.  This allows you to retract the ladder from the water to prevent the buildup of algae/barnacles when not in use.  Your Aqua-Stairs can also be permanently mounted by bolting the loop handles directly to the mounting surface. See the ladder sizing page to determine correct swim ladder length.  Or contact us today to learn all about our ladder options to find the perfect build for your needs.

The Aqua-Stairs Dock and Boat Ladders Are Great For:

Kayaks, Canoes, and Jet Ski Enthusiasts: Stepping down off of a high dock to a canoe, kayak, paddle board or jet ski can be dangerous.  With our dock ladders, you can simply walk down our ladder steps to the water’s level to board with ease.

Any Adult: Stop climbing out of the water when you can use our boat and dock stairs to step out easily. Want to just sit and enjoy the water? Our ladders make it easy to do that as well.

Relaxation: Say goodbye to treading the water only to have to use the rest of your strength to climb out. Instead, you can sit on these dock ladders as you would any stairs and rest in the water.

Elderly and Children: An excellent stair-step ladder for those who need assistance getting into or out of the water. This includes the elderly, children, and people with certain disabilities. There is no need for a handrail on the swim ladder; the front pipe is at a convenient, natural arm’s length when using these swim steps.

Pets: Aqua-Stairs make for the perfect dog dock or boat ladder, allowing your pet to engage the water easily. Our dog dock and boat ladders alleviate you from having to either pick them up or send them back to the shore. It also gives your dogs the ability to come up on their own.

Specifications of Our Aqua-Stairs

Aqua-Stairs are all marine-grade 6063 T aluminum boats, docks, and pontoon ladders. The steps are made of textured plate aluminum to prevent slipping. These stair-case steps are also rolled and hemmed at the front to provide a smooth edge to prevent cuts.

All dock ladder models are hinged at the mounting brackets to allow the ladder to be easily lifted out of the water for storage. Only four bolts are required to attach these swim ladders to a floating dock, fixed dock, seawall, swim platform, bulkhead, or pier.

The dock ladder models can easily accommodate up to 500 lbs. since the body of these ladders is all fully welded—unlike many other marine ladders. All of our aluminum dock and boat ladders come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Contact us to speak with our company about your boat and dock ladder needs. We offer an extensive selection of staircase style/angled ladder products ready to be shipped nationwide.