Our Boat Dock Ladders Abound with Features

Your swimming area will be accessible and enjoyable for all when you outfit it with one of our Aqua-Stairs® boat dock ladders. We offer ladders and options for piers, seawalls, bulkheads, and boats of all sizes. Our products include four-step and five-step ladders and longer models also.

Our dock ladders are ideal for floating or fixed-position docks, including piers, seawalls, and swim platforms. They mount easily to any 90° surface angle. We also offer pontoon boat ladders for rear and side mounting.

Aqua-Stairs ladders use a staircase design that allows all swimmers to enter and exit the water easily. People and dogs sit or stand on them in the water without holding on since these are gently angled, just like regular stairs.


Easy Use for All Swimmers

They are an excellent choice when you need easy-climb ladders for elderly swimmers. Other vertical dock ladders can pose a serious impediment for older users, but Aqua-Stairs ladders are as simple to use as walking downstairs. Some individuals with disabilities can also use ladders as well.

When you purchase an Aqua-Stairs ladder, you get a product for humans and animals alike. This is the solution when looking for a boat ladder for dogs. Pets can get out of the water on their own with our ladder. The gentle angle means your four-legged friend can board your boat or mount the dock directly from the water. You can see in our videos just how easy it is for a dog to use one of our ladders.

Our boat ladder models are created to fit a variety of boats, including pontoon boats. Aqua-Stairs are designed as sloping ladders you can walk down, not vertical ladders that can be difficult for many users to climb. We believe this is the best dock accessory you will buy.

Ladder features include:

  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Smooth Edges to Prevent Abrasions/Cuts
  • High-Quality Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Textured Plate Aluminum Steps to Prevent Slipping
  • All Ladders Lift or Fold out of the Water When Not in Use
  • Fixed Mounting or Flip-up Mounts (Included) Allow the Unit to Rotate out of the Water

Example Installation of Aqua-Stairs


Contact us to explore our selection of ladders. We offer a variety of products for customers nationwide.