Easy Board Pontoon Boat Ladders

Over the years we have had many requests for pontoon boat ladders that did not hurt your feet. The problem was that both people and dogs found it very difficult to get out of the water with the standard pontoon boat ladders.  Some had to actually swim to shore since they could not get back into the boat. Therefore, we created Aqua-Stairs® Side Mount pontoon boat ladders to meet the needs of both people and pets. In fact, the first side mount ladder was a dog ladder for pontoon boat. The owner of a 140 lb dog requested a pontoon boat ladder that was easy for to get on and off.

The side mount pontoon boat ladder is designed for use in the side doorway gates of a pontoon boat.  It has floor mounts similar to a keychain and lock used with house doors.  This pontoon boat ladder attaches to the floor mounts when in use and detaches from them for storage.  Pontoon boat ladders ship with storage brackets to be used if desired. Compared to conventional boat ladders, this pontoon ladder makes it incredibly easy to get out of the water.  If your pontoon boat has a gate or door on the rear of the boat, you may want to consider the Aqua-Stairs® Rear Mount Pontoon Ladder.    

Side Mount pontoon ladder installation.pdf

Click on pictures below for a larger view of our Side Mount Pontoon Boat Ladders.

side mount pontoon boat ladders pontoon boat ladders pontoon boat ladders
Aqua Stairs pontoon boat ladders dog ladder for pontoon boat pontoon boat ladder
Aqua Stairs pontoon boat ladders dog ladder for pontoon boat
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