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Why Climb Out of Your Boat When You Can Walk Out!

The Aqua-Stairs ® dock and boat ladders are a bold new design for marine ladders that are different from all conventional boat and dock ladders. Unlike regular dock, pier, swim platform, seawall or other swimming boat ladders that allow access to and from the water in a vertical fashion, the Aqua-Stairs® boat dock ladder is staircase in design. Aqua Stairs® dock and boat ladders allow entry and exit to the water in a stair step fashion. Secondly, conventional boat and dock ladders have vertical steps that are typically between 2 and 3 inches in depth; where the Aqua-Stairs® boat dock ladder steps are approximately 8 inches deep, allowing much more comfortable footing.

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Our Dock and Boat Ladders Include:

Conventional boat ladder steps often mount too close to the structure to allow one to properly place one's feet, with little more than their toes on the ladder rungs. Aqua-Stairs® boat ladder and dock ladder steps are not only much deeper, but are also off-set in an angled fashion from the mounting structure allowing easier foot placement. Each step on our dock and boat ladders is also approximately 16 inches wide and is hemmed at the front providing a smooth edge to prevent cuts. Vertical height between steps is approximately 12 inches.

When installed, the Aqua-Stairs® boat and dock ladders can be permanently mounted by bolting the upper plate directly to the mounting surface or it can be attached via the included hinges, allowing it to flip-up and out of the water to prevent buildup of algae, etc. while not in use. Aqua-Stairs® dock ladders and boat ladders are available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and special 7 step models - all models come with the flip up mounting brackets. There are many options including a swim ladder for pontoon boats and swim platform / yacht ladders for larger boats! Aqua-Stairs® boat ladders have even been installed on houseboats and deck boats.

If you are need of a dog ramp as well as a people ladder, these dock and boat ladders are all you need. One swimming ladder works for both people and pets!

The Aqua-Stairs® Dock and Boat Ladders Are Great For:

Pets - they can easily get back out of the water without you having to either pick them up or send them back to the shore. No more tracking of dirt and mud off the bank or shoreline when your dog comes up the ladder. In the event you aren't watching your pet, it can just come up on its own. My Chocolate Labrador likes to stand on it in the water and fish!

Elderly and Children - these steps enable our elder citizens and children to get in and out of the water where they were previously unable with conventional dock or boat ladders. We have clients in the 80s who use these marine ladders because they can! Some disabled people may also be able to use the Aqua-Stairs® boat dock ladder as well. Many customers describe it as the perfect AARP® swimming ladder. And, small children like the security of these stable stair steps in the water.

Kayaks, Canoes, and Jet Ski enthusiasts - Rather than stepping off of a high dock down to a kayak, canoe, or waverunner, you can walk down these dock ladders to the water's level to board with ease!

Any Adult - Why climb out of the water when you can stand and walk up the step. Or if you prefer, just sit on them in the water and enjoy!

Relaxation - No more treading in the water with a hard climb out - just sit on these dock ladders as you would any stairs and rest in the water!

Aqua-Stairs® are all marine grade aluminum boat ladders, dock ladders, and pontoon ladders. The steps are made of textured plate aluminum to prevent slipping and are rolled and hemmed at the front providing a smooth edge to prevent cuts. The dock ladder models are hinged at the mounting brackets to allow the Aqua-Stairs boat dock ladder to be easily lifted out of the water for storage. Only 4 bolts are required to attach these swim ladders to a fixed dock, floating dock, swim platform, seawall, bulkhead, or pier. Contact Aqua-Stairs ® for the best aluminum dock and boat ladders.

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